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Veteran Owned Corporation certified as: U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a), Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Small Business Status with the State of California, and qualified as a minority owned and managed company established by the National Minority Supplier Development Council

De La Corporation is an information management and computer services supplier furnishing hardware and software sales, support and service, including IBM Power Systems,  eServer i5 and iSeries systems, printers and supplies; and Lenovo Notebooks and Personal Computer Repairs. In addition, we sell and buy refurbished IBM/Lenovo parts.

We are dedicated to providing our customers fast, friendly, and reliable service.

In business since 1985, De La Corporation knows how important it is to our customers to effectively and efficiently manage their business information with the right tools. With this in mind, we are committed to helping our customers succeed.
 Corporate Narrative 

De La Corp. is a small Veteran Founded Minority Owned company.  From the date that De La Corporation was established in 1985 we made a commitment to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.
All employees handle all facets of the business including Management Systems for Supply Chain Responsibility as well as Environmental Management Systems. De La Corp. is an open market supplier for IBM, only providing tested parts that have been manufactured and tested by other companies for repair of IBM equipment by IBM service personnel. We do not manufacture any products. We deal with a small group of highly reputable and honest vendors who have been supplying us our IBM product for years. We expect our vendors to maintain the guidelines we are expected to follow, we cascade these requirements by sending all vendors the attached questionnaire to be signed, returned and kept on file. It is our goal to see positive results from our continued efforts.

As an IBM Supplier we strictly adhere to the IBM Supplier Code of Conduct Rules and keep up to date on these through their website. Also followed is the EICC Code of Conduct and we keep up to date with any updates through their website. These laws are reviewed and checked for updates once every quarter to maintain we are always in compliance.
Other than water, our facility uses only electricity for lighting, HVAC and office related equipment. The electricity we use is purchased from our local utility company. We do not burn any fossil fuels and have no company leased vehicles so we have no control over Greenhouse 1 or Greenhouse 2 emissions.

Being very energy conscious we monitor our monthly electric bills for KWH used. Since Jan 2013 we have used 6,862 KWH with an average monthly use of 980 KWH. Our current goal for energy conservation for the next year is 1 percent. We have implemented/done the following in order to achieve this goal.
-sold our electric forklift and no longer use 220 volt power to charge and maintain battery.
-raised thermostat to 78 degrees during the summer.
-use ambient outside light that streams through our warehouse windows to work instead of turning on the warehouse lights.
-all employees required to shut down computers after work hours and during the weekends and holidays.
-removed office aquarium that required 24/7 electric power.
-unplugged and removed warehouse refrigerator.
-turn off all lights in empty offices/rooms
-replaced all standard light bulbs with CFL Bulbs.
For such a small company with so few employees we feel confident we will hit our energy conservation goals in 2014. Results will be based on previous usage averages.

The amount of waste we create is very low. We monitor the amount of waste we create by weighing any equipment sent to be recycled as well as weighing any office trash cans before taken to the trash bin for pick up. We monitor monthly trash bills from our local provider to assure we are in compliance with all trash related restrictions.   We strive to create as little waste as possible. Our goal for the 2014 calender  year is to recycle 500 plus lbs. of raw scrap material from tore down machines and 1000 lbs. of paper, plastic and glass related recyclables.  By enacting below measures our goal is to reduce our amount of waste created by 1 to 5 % by end of 2015.  Below are some of our methods and goals for eliminating waste and creating positive results.
-use recycled packaging material when appropriate.
-each employee has their own drinking water cup and is not allowed to bring in any water bottles, water is provided by the company.
-have gone paperless on all of our company bills each month, with no cumbersome paper statements sent as in the past.
-trash is disposed in separate trash cans; one is for recyclables and the other for refuse.
-invoicing done via e-mail as opposed to sending paper.
-to go paperless by 2015.

The waste we do generate is handled in the following manner.  We have two large trash bins outside our warehouse door, one is RECYCLABES ONLY and the other is for REFUSE.  There is strictly no electronics equipment or components allowed in these trash bins, failure to comply will result in a monetary fine. We only allow employees who have been trained to know what is proper and what is improper to throw out handle waste disposal.  These bins are picked up 7 days a week by our local service provider CR&R Trash and Disposal.
E-Waste is handled and disposed of in the following manner.  First off any electronic equipment handled by DELA CORP personnel is done on anti-static mats wearing grounding straps to ensure safety from electric discharge.  Any material deemed e-waste or any material unable to be disposed of in trash bins are picked up by One World Recycling (License #CW111277) bi-monthly and are tore down and recycled properly.
De La Corp. adheres to OSHA Standards and regulations  and is responsible for training any new employees.  This would consist of the following.
- trained to specifically handle, identify,  label, pack and ship parts destined for IBM and up to IBM standards outlined in EMEA requirements and IBM Codes of Conduct.
-taught and expected to be knowledgeable and up to date on ROHS Compliance issues as well as being  taught and expected  to safely work with electronic equipment.
-trained to be familiar with the EICC Code of Conduct dealing with hazardous materials.
-trained to properly dispose of waste
-trained to be energy conscious, environmentally aware and efficient.

In order to maintain a healthy work environment once every month the President and Vice President of De La Corporation have self-assessment meetings, the other giving feedback on one’s own self-assessment followed by discussing all business related activities including but not limited to energy conservation matters, management issues and audits, waste disposal management, keeping current and up to date on State of California Business and Regulatory Laws applying to business owners, OSHA regulations, checking for EICC and IBM Supply Chain web updates.

De La Corporation will continue to strive at being completely environmentally and socially conscious.  We understand the Global Importance of these matters on any scale.

2014 Environmental Goals Progress:
Thru March 2014 De La Corp has used 2808 KWh in electricity, with an average monthly use of 936 KWh.
Our average usage per month in 2013 was 980 KWh.
In 2014 we have lowered our KWh usage by 4.5 percent which is well above our goal of 1 percent.

Thru March 2014 we have recycled a little over 175 lbs. of paper products. That puts us on a pace to recycle 700 lbs. of paper products which would be well above our goal of 500 lbs. in 2014.

Thru March 2014 we have recycled 350 lbs. of scrap material. That puts us on pace to recycle 1,400 lbs. of scrap material by end of 2014 which is well above our goal of 1,000 lbs. 
At the end of the calendar year of 2014 we will post our yearly progress.

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