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 Our Services Authorized IBM PC Repair               

● Repair Facility in Mexico - Repair at a high volume and competitively priced:

● Personal Computers

● Cash Registers

● Tape Drives

● Disk Drives

● Displays, LCD/Controllers/Modems

● Systems Boards

● Computer Based Telephone Systems and VOIP Systems including but not limited to Nortel Networks, NEC, Toshiba, Avaya, Samsung and Panasonic.

● AS/400 Services:

● AS/400 Training and Support

● AS/400 Configuration Setup

●AS/400 Communications Integration

● AS/400 From System/36, System/38 Migrations

● AS/400 Personal Computer Integration

● AS/400 Custom Programming

● CISC to RISC Migration

● LAN Time Synchronize

● Software Helpdesk

● Customer Service

● Contact Management

● Full IT Services for Small Businesses

Business PC or Network

● Palmtop and Mobile Computing

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